The problem

What’s up?

Women are poorer, less educated and more at risk of violence than men – in the UK and globally. And their voices are less likely to be heard because they are not represented in public and political fora.  Find it hard to believe?  Check the out facts and the stark statistics:



• Women work more and earn less: Women perform 66% of the world’s working hours, produce 50% of the world’s food, but earn 10% of the global income and own 1% of land.

• Women are less educated: 66% of all illiterate children across the world are girls.

• Every two minutes a woman dies of pregnancy related complications.


In the UK*

• Only 12.5% of Directors of UK’s top 100 companies are women and on average women still earn 15% less than men.

• Only 22% of UK MPs are women- while 31% are local councillors.

• In the UK one in four women experiences domestic violence.


As well as enraging, these figures prompt some questions:

• Why are women still more likely to die just because of their gender?

• How come women are still not represented as equally as men even in countries with deep democratic traditions and structured systems?

• What are women and men doing to change this?


*Figures from UNWomen, Oxfam and Amnesty International.