Women, War and Hope

In 2013 we held the event Through the lens: Women in Iraq 10 years after the invasion to mark the Anniversary and hear how the conflict had affected the lives of Iraqi women.

In partnership with the Imperial War Museum North, we heard untold stories of how women lived, loved and brought up their families against a backdrop of war, conflict and suffering since 2003.  As well as tales of their resilience.

An equally and inspiring  chilling event speakers shared how women fought for survival and freedom and challenged the status quo through activism and political photography.   The event was held against the backdrop of a 36o degree audio-visual showing of the bombing of the Al-Mutanabbi Street book market.  65 people joined us on the wet and windy evening; and the event was featured on BBC Women’s Hour.

Houzan Mahmood, political campaigner and spokesperson of the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (as well as contributor to The Independent, The Guardian and The New Statesman), shared updates about the current situation for women in Iraq and how they keep fighting for justice. “My generation of women has to pick up the pieces of conflict and violence and also speak out against it.”

Photographer Eugenie Dolberg shared stories of bravery and resistance by Iraqi women who used photos to tell their personal stories of war, as part of the project Open Shutters Iraq.