The Abundance Lab shone a light on 'hidden' areas of gender inequality and created a platform to connect and promote opportunity (and ultimately abundance) for women and girls.

We brought women - and sometimes men - together and created opportunities for debate; shared ideas, possibilities and skills and, most importantly, we made space for women’s voices to be heard. Because a world where women and men are equals and realise their potential, is a place where we are all better off.

However, just like the theory of abundance, the Lab started evolving and developing into new things in 2013, and we’ve been taking some time out to lead these...  Eve Sadler is currently setting up a new women’s network; and is now a Trustee of the Fawcett Society (set up in 1866) to address some of the political, economic and workplace causes of gender inequality.  Serena Tramonti has been kept incredibly busy developing Gender Equality Programme across the Middle East and North Africa helping poor and marginalised women to take part in politics, particular in Egypt.

We’ll be back one day to do what we do, so watch this space, or drop us an email.